First things first…

Welcome to my new blog, here you’ll find all manner of things from photography to reviews.

You may or may not know that May is in fact a month of change for me (see what I did there? I made a linguistic funny…)

I have recently left my job and quite possibly my career in advertising to pursue other potential avenues with more creative elements.

I have a love of all things darkly humorous and sardonic and have a rather meh outlook on life. I’m not intentionally pessimistic, but I see the truth in things and find it hard to gloss over the bad, this in turn leaves most things rather…meh. It’s a beautiful word; onomatopoeic and it sums up whole sentences and feelings into one little perfect three letter expression, embrace it!

I don’t see having a meh outlook as a negative however, seeing things as they are, meh or not, makes me truly appreciate something when it is genuinely great.

I try to get out and do things, I have a passion for art, comedy, alternative music, photography, writing, TV, food and travel and I’ll be writing about my experiences in my own honest and hopefully amusing way. For a taster take a look at my old travel blog here.

You might also know that I’m off this Tuesday 14th May to Bordeaux. I’ve booked a one-way flight and I’m going to stay for a little while to work on my scripts, indulge in some creative experimentation and explore a new little European city.

So welcome and keep an eye out for updates, bonjour.

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