One week in Bordeaux

So Its nearly been a week since I arrived.

I’ve wandered the streets of the city, and I can say that Bordeaux is indeed very pretty with its cobbled streets, cute squares and exquisite French architecture, here is the view from my window:


There is something very romantic about walks in the rain through a quiet French city, sitting in the Jardin Public to read, but there is also something quite isolating and lonely about it as well.

One thing I’ve noticed is the abundance of body piercing shops? clinics? …places? As well as comic book shops, seems to be extremely popular here.

I’ve perused the Sunday market along the bank of the Garrone:


I’ve Failed miserably at trying to order food at restaurants. Sometimes though there are happy accidents like this one:


Oh and also you know that whole stereotype of how much cheese the French eat…well I think it’s safe to say that one has merit:


I’ve attended a whiskey tasting evening, Arran Scotish whiskey if you’re interested and grabbed at the chance to speak with the host. I’ve started to talk to myself, when you have nothing but your own company for a week you start to go a bit strange. So a chance to have a conversation and pretend to be interested in different kinds of whiskey became a gripping conversational highlight of the week.


I’ve dined at the famous Utopia, an indie cafe and cinema built inside a converted church.


What I haven’t done is take many photographs. I like faces and people rather than landscapes and such and it might be ever so slightly creepy to just take pictures of strangers even though I’ve spotted some awesome potential shots.

I’ve procrastinated about writing and tried to do a little structure:


Today I got down to business and have been the most productive from a writing sense. I hope to have an penultimate draft of the first episode today, of which I may need some beta readers if anyone is interested? (I will do a follow up post soon about what I’m writing)

It’s been quite drizzly, hopefully if there is some sun I will go and check out the beach and do a little wine tour.


  1. The food looks awesome! I’d love to read for you – just let me know, I’d love to help out. The view seems nice, and I get what you meant about photographing strangers, some people can be incredibly grumpy when a camera is pointed even slightly in their direction.

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