You know it, when you see it

So I’ve been thinking recently about gut instinct.

What is it? I don’t subscribe to the notion of a soul or just an innate talent, it must be built up from a set of skills someone has learned consciously or not.

To know whether or not something is right; whether it’s about knowing who to approach and engage in conversation if you’re complete strangers as I did this week. Meeting two lovely girls on a walk through the Fete Le Fleur (River Festival) which consisted mainly of stands trying to sell you speedboats, Range Rovers and various other tut. A long line of boats both old and new dotted along the riverside accompanied by a truly awful band on a large raised platform.Image 

Or whether something is utter rubbish or not:

I used the site couchsurfing to meet up with a couple of fellow travellers; a local looking to learn more English and an American. We sampled some wines and meats in the centre of Bordeaux and had a peek at the current art exhibitions, I wasn’t too impressed to be perfectly honest, seemed more like a GCSE art exam piece:


My gut instinct was telling me it was dirge disguised as craft:


This was described as vampire baby evolution by the American:


When creating something yourself, knowing how to put it together; frame a shot, create a story etc. Is it a combined set of learned skills, an unconscious process leading you to that; ah yes, that’s right moment? Or does it take most people a conscious effort to get to that conclusion? 

Some of you may know I’ve been working on some writing out here, beautifully cliche I know. It’s not the great piece of contemporary literature of our generation. It’s a pet project to work on a TV series idea I’ve been mulling for a while, although to be honest as things have progressed I’m beginning to feel it may be a novel.

“What is it?” I hear you scream, clamouring for more details (cue the sound of crickets)

It’s entitled “Holy Sh*t”, a comedy/drama, urban fantasy:

Richard Morris is a renowned atheist professor currently engaging in religious debates around the country as he promotes his new book “Holy Sh*t”. Morris is firm in his convictions; this life is the only one we have, but as with all things, nothing is certain…

Morris finds himself entangled and intertwined with events far beyond anything he could possibly imagine, how strong will his convictions be when the only thing he is sure of is taken away from him? 

Is belief stronger than knowledge? 

Is faith a force for good or evil?

What price would you pay for freewill?

I plan to post the opening 10 pages of the pilot episode here when I’m completely happy with it as a teaser, do let me know if it tickles your fancy.

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