Sautéed veal liver and crunchy cubed potatoes recipe


Serves 1 – 2 people

Preparation time:

10 minutes

Cooking time:

1hr 30minutes

What you’ll need:

  • x 1 Large red onion
  • x around 6 tablespoons of butter
  • x 2 large cloves of garlic
  • x 1 – 2 veal liver
  • x 6-8 small roasting potatoes
  • salt, black pepper, paprika


Half your red onion, thinly slice one half, roughly chop the other half, set aside.

Peel and finely slice one large clove of garlic, set aside.

Peel and finely chop one large clove of garlic, set aside.

Slice your potatoes into cubes around 1cm x 1cm leaving the skin on.

Stick on your oven to it’s highest setting and leave to heat up.


Fill medium sized saucepan with water and add salt to taste.

Bring water to boiling point and add the potatoes.

Boil for around 10 minutes until soft, enough for the blunt side of a knife to cut through the potato very easily.

Drain into a colander and roughly shake until the potatoes lose their smooth outer surface, this should help with crisping up the outside.

Line a baking dish with tin toil (just to save on the washing up) and evenly spread butter along the base.

Season well with salt, black pepper and paprika, don’t be scared of the paprika guys, it’s got a mild flavour so go nuts.

Evenly spread your chopped onions and garlic onto the bottom of the pan. Reasoning for keeping these on the bottom is that they will steam under the potatoes a little infusing the flavours.

Layer your potato cubes on top 1 or 2 layers, if your dish is too large they may burn, too small and they wont cook evenly. Add a little extra butter over the surface and season the top layer again with salt, black pepper and paprika.

Lower your oven temperature to around 190 and place your potatoes on the middle shelf. These will take around an hour and 20 minutes to get nice and crunchy and I would turn every 20 minutes or so with a large flat spoon.


When your potatoes are extremely close to done (just turn your oven off and leave in the oven to stay hot)

Onions & garlic:

Add a tablespoon of butter to a medium sized pan, get up to a moderate heat, not too high or you will burn your garlic which is blech (that’s the technical term :p).

Add your sliced onions and garlic and season with salt and pepper to taste. You want to get them nice and soft, should take around 3-4 minutes, keep everything moving with a wooden spoon to prevent burning and cook evenly.

Once soft, up your temperature to finish them off for another minute or so. Turn your temperature down to very low or take off of the heat completely while you cook your liver.



Get your liver (you don’t need to wash if first), now most recipes say to coat in flour first, honestly I don’t see the necessity, it’s supposed to add a crispiness to the outside, but I like mine soft. So up to you, but I just generously season on both sides with salt and pepper.

Heat a tablespoon of butter into a medium sized pan until hot, making sure the butter coats the whole pan.

Add your liver to the pan and cook for literally 1 minute 30 seconds each side. Use your common sense though depending on the thickness of your liver.


Feel free to cut a slice into the liver at the thickest point to check how it’s doing, it should be nice and pink in the middle with a light browning on the outside.

Now some people are scared of pinkness and feel the need to incinerate it. Please don’t! You will ruin it, it will be tough and pretty much yuck. Trust me, taste it this way, you can always stick it back in the pan if you really can’t handle it.


Spoon out your potatoes onto your plate, add the liver and cover with your onions and garlic.


Added extra:

A nice vegetable to go with this is courgettes. I cut mine in half and then slice using a cheese slicer actually, gets a really good even thickness as opposed to a knife, so you should have thin 6 inch strips about 2 inches wide.

Brush a griddle pan (using a griddle pan as opposed to a frying pan prevents them from becoming oily and soggy) lightly with olive oil, heat up until it’s smoking and lay your courgettes vertically side by side so you get nice charred lines across them.

Turn after about a minute or two and cook for a for the same on the other side. They should be still slightly firm.


(And let the other person do the washing up)

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