Flash Fiction Challenge 1

I’ve just started following http://terribleminds.com/ramble/blog/

And there was a little challenge to write a piece of flash fiction; 1000 words using three of the following words as an element of the story:

  1. Scarecrow
  2. Mint
  3. Epidemic
  4. Tongue
  5. Republic
  6. Scorpion
  7. Divorce
  8. Moon
  9. Holiday
  10. Legend

I chose mint, scorpion and holiday.

I recently watched Ruby Sparks, a delightful little film about the nature of wish fulfilment, the creative process and relationships. What I really liked about the film was the emphasis on creating real people in writing, not fitting words into characters mouths just to move the plot along. So I decided to write a scene about a couple.

Here you go;


We’d been sitting in tense silence for what seemed like a lifetime, okay more like twenty minutes, I’m not the most patient guy in the world, sue me for exaggerating. I just want this over with. I caught her giving me a surreptitious, disgusted glance as I picked the peeling skin from my shoulder, wincing. It’s ridiculously hot here and I kinda forgot to pack the suncream; before you ask that’s not what the fight was about…didn’t help though. Apparently I’m immature and inconsiderate. Shah! 

    “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice” I chided.

 A quiet smirk began tugging at the side of her mouth; I could see her fighting to suppress it. She always did love wordplay. She shoved me half-heartedly on the shoulder, letting out an exasperated sigh, admonishing me for making her lose the anger she’d been clinging onto silently for the last two days. I could feel the diffusion of tension in the room, like a heavy sigh.

    “Ugh, I hate it when you do that!” She whined, knowing the battle was all but lost.

 Her brow was furrowed in contempt, her slender fingers gripping so tightly around the tumbler of vodka she’d been nursing, condensation making the surface of the glass sweaty, ice clinking as she turned her head aside. She still refused to meet my eyes; she’s so incredibly stubborn, it’s one of the things I love most about her, but don’t tell her that. I sat stone still; afraid I’d ruin the moment and send us stumbling back into the mire of petty insults and bickering we’d been blundering through for the best part of forty-eight hours, ever since we got off that bloody plane. I just couldn’t help myself though, a smile threatened at my lips, like a saucepan of water on the verge of boiling point, it was inevitable the longer the silence went on, the stronger the impulse.

I could see the same look on her face, the little creases at the corner of her big, apple green eyes, the clench and jutting out of her jaw, trying to hold onto that delicious anger. She was so fucking adorable it hurt.

       “Don’t you dare!” She attempted a scowl.

We stayed locked like that for the best part of a minute, each of us daring the other to crack first, facial muscles twitching. Abruptly she reached out using her free hand, lightly grazing my side through the thin cotton of my shirt, her fingertips dancing down my body gracefully towards my waistband, her expression changing to one of wicked, impish glee. She plucked at the elastic playfully letting it snap back, I raised my eyebrows, grinning.  Tugging my waistband back again she peeked down and made an exaggerated ‘oh my’ expression before unceremoniously pouring the entire contents of the icy tumbler into my underwear. That is so not cool; mind the pun.

    “Gah!” I exclaimed.

Springing up off the couch instinctively; the cold instant and thoroughly unpleasant. I’m not ashamed to say I squeaked, a manly, testosterone filled squeak mind you, okay so maybe a little ashamed. That did it. She giggled wildly, the joy bubbling out of her.

     “You little bitch!” I laughed with her; I just couldn’t help myself. “I will have my revenge!” I stated, one hand raised solemnly, the other behind me using my best voice to convey authority and outrage, juxtaposed by the large dark wet patch at the crotch of my beige shorts. 

    “Oh my!” she mock gasped, fingertips over her lips, eyebrows raised for comic effect.

 Giggling like little kids, I chased her out through the sliding doors to the private courtyard of our villa into the baking sun. She darted to the opposite end of the glittering azure pool, her little pixie like feet bouncing lightly over white-hot terracotta tiles, toe nails painted apple green to match her eyes. We circled the pool clockwise, fingers twitching at our sides, trying to keep straight faces as the tiles sizzled the tender soles of our bare feet.

    “Looks like we got ourselves a standoff here.” She drawled in a vaguely cowboyesque manner.

    “So it would seem my apparently Scottish friend.” I spat back, chin raised higher, fighting back a smirk.

     “I don’t rightly know what you’re yappering on about, this here is plainly a cowboy accent, maybe your fear has got your ears all kerfuddled?” She replied unfazed.

     “Yesh of coursh it hash, I’m utterly terrified.” I replied in my best Sean Connery impression. A flicker of fear rippled across her features, eyes growing a little wider.

     “Don’t move!” She whispered suddenly.

     “Or what my lady?” I chuckled back, keeping the accent going. “Now who’s scared, huh?” Taking a quick sidestep onto the waxy grass.

     “Don’t move! Seriously, stop!” She squeaked.

 Her change in tone, froze me to the spot, the smile dropping from my face like a melted candle. I followed the path of her gaze, eyes lowering down to look at my foot. Shit!

It sat unmoving, mottled brown and alien, tail curved into a high arch, centimeters from my bare, soft, fleshy foot; meep. My stomach did a quick little flip flop as I sucked in a sharp intake of breath. Suddenly it felt a little hotter out. The midday sun glinting off the still surface of the pool like a polished mirror, causing me to squint. Sweat trickling down in rivulets over the stubble of my cheek, tickling it’s way agonisingly down my neck, pulse in my throat.

It just sat there, rigid like a stone nestled in the thick, spiky green grass, menacing and deadly. I sensed a flicker of movement in my peripheral vision. There she was broom in hand, its rough red paint flaking handle gripped tightly in her little fists.

     “Wait! What are you gonna do?!” I blurted as quietly but fiercely as I could muster.

     “I’m going to ask it to stay for dinner, what do you fucking think?!” She almost growled.

She lunged forward before I could wince, eyes snapping shut, holding my breath…I opened them one by one, looking down, my whole body slumping with relief. I’m not ashamed to say I trembled a little, but it was a manly, testosterone filled tremble. Okay maybe a little ashamed.

     “My hero!” I sighed, sagging with relief.

I swooned into her arms dramatically, she couldn’t take my weight and we toppled over backwards into the pool with a tremendous splash, broom and all, giggling manically as the cool water soaked into our clothes clinging to our bodies, hearts racing. I met those vivid, apple green eyes of hers, pushing the wet hair away from her perfect little face, smiling wide. Noses almost touching, tasting her breath as she exhaled; like vodka and toothpaste. Pressing my lips to hers fervently, one hand on the small of her back, the other clutching the side of the pool for balance, legs intertwining, hers so incredibly smooth and soft. Pulling back from the kiss, opening my eyes, I placed another gentle peck on her bottom lip.

     “Yummy, spearmint, my favourite” I murmured, a twinkle in my eyes. “You know, when we first started going out, I nearly broke up with you because you used peppermint.” I made a face, scrunching up my nose “Yucky stuff”.

She punched me in the gut under the surface of the water. I forced a smiled, but um, ow!  I can’t wait to ask her to marry me tonight.


It’s actually over 1000 words but ya know, fuck you :p


  1. @Fatima Alici Thank you for the compliment. This is actually the first thing I’ve ever posted online writing wise, so it’s always nice to get some positive feedback. I will hopefully have more to share soon.

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