Un Mois – One Month

It’s been just over one month since I arrived in Bordeaux.

This trip screamed opportunity and I have answered fervently.

Key goals have been to relax, detach from home, work on my scripts, look to the future and get healthy.

So far I have started a fitness and healthy eating regime with the aid of www.fitnessblender.com; which I highly recommend. No nonsense free at home workout videos. I’ve lost 5lbs so far in two weeks so looking positive.

I’ve been buying food wisely, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Sunday market, this week I was given a free iceberg lettuce for being English; I’m not really sure what that says. I’ve been cooking pretty much every night, here is one such delicious meal of  garlic & chilli king prawns with courgettes:


Relaxing wise, I’ve been sitting in the sun, reading, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Bordeaux. The sights are plenty, the sounds are beautiful and the smells are…pungent.

Regarding writing, I have completed the first full draft of my TV series pilot idea and have sent it out to a couple of trusted people for feedback. I have my next project all lined up too, start working on that tomorrow. The new writing challenge has been set by Chuck at http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/06/16/19188/; with fathers day in mind, it’s a 1000 words about a bad dad. I’ll be attempting to crack this one by the end of the week.

One minor hiccup was a broken fridge, it just seemed to die for a couple of days. Rejigging the freezer seems to have done the trick.

When it’s hot in Bordeaux, the place to be is along the river the “port of the moon”. Dotted with grass, benches, flower beds…


…and famously the water mirror opposite the Place de la Bourse. A large polished stone platform with a fine layer of water coating the surface. At night it’s serene and beautiful, young lovers come to have their photos taken. During the day it’s a haven for students and families. The baking sun creating a layer fine mist as the water evaporates:


I’ve been using a proxy to watch UK programmes on BBC iplayer and noticed something. Someone at the BBC has a good sense of humor if this was intentional; the volume goes up to 11:


More to come, keep watching out for updates.

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