Man of Steel Review

Man of Steel had all the hallmarks of a blockbuster superhero movie; A be-muscled man bent on making his father proud, a romance cooked up in under thirty seconds, underdeveloped character arcs in lieu of smashing up endless buildings and an ending that leaves you thinking, who the fuck is going to clean up that mess?


The dialogue was stale and at times cringeworthy; the little jokes from unwitting civillians who act rather blasé about people flying about and bombs going off can barely wrestle a titter from the audience anymore, where once it might have been refreshing.

The worn out trope of showing the audience; look something disastrous has happened and it’s affected the “whole” world, but instead of showing any real consequences we’ll just show you news reports on lots of TV’s in different languages.

Henry Cavill gave a good performance, he was affable, charming and not completely vacuous,  the downfall however lies in the character itself and I think that’s what really makes Superman undeniably boring no-matter how many explosions you throw at it.

Ultimately the character is un-relatable; an alien who is virtually invincible, Clark Kent has never made any real tough choices or bad choices for that matter, he’s a flawed character because he’s not flawed; a good boy standing for peace and happiness and bunnies.

Iron Man, he’s a bit of a dick but he’s funny, Batman he’s got the emo market cornered; these characters have more emotional depth than Superman has in one of his bulging triceps and the silliness in plots can sometimes be overlooked because Robert Downy Jr made a funny or Batman has a cool new car. Superman however is an American, lower middle class, white, handsome, successful investigative journalist with two sets of parents who all love him and want the best for him with nothing to distract us besides a bit of spandex.

Man of Steel is definitely an improvement on previous Superman films, but I feel any Superman film will ultimately leave the audience feeling unsatisfied because they can’t see themselves in any of the characters.

In conclusion, the film was well produced as it should be for the $225,000,000 it cost to make. A good performance from Henry Cavill just about held the thing together, but ultimately unoriginal, flat and passionless.

2 stars **

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