10 Reasons Why an Eternal Afterlife Would be Awful

  1. Imagine an eternal Christmas dinner; having to see family you might not necessarily want to…forever.
  2. Boredom; you might not have guessed it, but eternity is quite a long time. There aren’t enough things to do or see in existence that would quite fill that temporal gap; you have nothing to attain, nothing to accomplish, nothing to win, nothing to lose and forever to do it in.
  3. Logically and evolutionary wise, the sheer number of fast predators with big teeth and a taste for human flesh would be waiting for humans to pop into existence/non-existence depending on how you see it and gobble you up…presumably leading you to an after-after life or just an eternal one as fleshy soup, slowly digesting in the bowels of a ghosty T-rex?
  4. No fear/punishment leads to barbaric behaviour; a society with no fear of punishment or death, already judged/forgiven for your crimes in the living world are now free to do as they wish.
  5. No privacy; living on fluffy clouds or possibly shards of sunlight, floating like ethereal dust mites, however you view it, there’s not much room for privacy in “heaven”…so no more wanking? Sex? Private poos? For that matter would there be eating at all, if so where would all the ghost poo go…
  6. One way or the other, a lot of people in the afterlife would have to live with a whole other lot of people constantly saying “I told you so”…for eternity. Try living…dying that one down.
  7. Overcrowding; the afterlife would be pretty damn crowded, lets not think about public transport systems, living arrangements, government, further education, civil wars, language barriers, communication, technology use and development, how about just plain getting lost in an infinite “area”- no sat nav in a world not bound by the laws of physics and orbiting satellites. (It’s all starting to sound a bit silly now isn’t it?)
  8. Coming face to face with your heroes; they say you never should, all the great dead thinkers, artists, musicians, comedians etc. forced to continually produce something great…for eternity or lose their status/credibility.
  9. No mysteries to discover; I suppose now you’re all dead you can stop with all that science rubbish, no need to look any further for answers, just sit back and glory in the majesty that is an eternity of no further knowledge, discovery, creativity or invention.
  10. Relationships; until death do you part…hmm do you get re-married? Find someone new? “Sorry love, marriage is now void, it’s all in the contract, you should have read the small print.” I don’t care who you are; eternity with anyone would slowly leave you both jibbering wrecks. Maybe you just have relationship contracts; twenty years and then just move on to the next?

BONUS 11. You’d be forced to accept that logic, reason and rational thought is a waste of time.

Please leave your thoughts below and add any other potential reasons such a place would be awful.

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