What Emoticons Really Mean

The emoticon:


For the second time today the winky faced emoticon has been used in casual conversation with me. It’s a fantastic little symbol able to convey tone and emotion. We know what these smilies are intended to mean, they do however sometimes convey a slightly different meaning to the one intended:

πŸ˜‰ winky face


I’m joking…I’m not really joking. Nah I’m joking…I’m not.

:p Tongue pokey out face (which no-one ever uses in real life)


I know that was wrong to say, but I did anyway…I promise I’m not creepy.



Even though what I just said was rude, this happy faced emoticon will assure you that I meant it in the best way possible…even though I didn’t.



Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic (dependant on the number of exclamation marks that follow), but not quite amazing enough to require a phone call rather than written reply.



Oh no’s, I’m really sorry for you…I’m not but I’m not sure how to respond to that so um sad face; that’s the appropriate level of sad right?


Meaning:Β  I’m guilty of something mild to moderate, please don’t hate me, there see, I put a little cute emoticon face to prove I didn’t mean it…I might have done though.

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