Slap on the Fake Smile and release the Madman

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On the day that his wife died, Bernard Manning apparently still went on stage and did a show. I read that when Arthur Lowe died in his dressing room during a matinee performance of play which co-starred his wife, she went back on for the next performance. There is a presumed noble rule, that whatever the circumstance, whether grieving over the death of your partner, or stemming a wound in your jugular vein with wig tape and powder puffs, the show must go on. There is nothing more disgraceful than failing to perform in No Sex Please, We’re British just because your entire family were killed in a mid-air collision or hacked to pieces in a violent uprising. Les Dennis’s autobiography, Must the Show Go On? is filled with questioning and regret over occasions where, with the distance of time, it is clear to him he should…

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