About me

Uh…right yeah…me, so um…hi…I’m Scott, I mean we’ve probably met which is why you’re here…so you most likely already knew at least that about me…well this is going well so far isn’t it?

So me…yes, lets talk about me…well I do a number of things, constantly adding new strings to my bow, it’s starting to collapse under its own weight with the number of things I’m adding to it….ha, ha, ha, lol, jks, not really…ha *dead pan face*

Since the age of 16 I’ve worked in – a supermarket, on a farm, for a car diagnostic device company, a hotel, a restaurant, a photography studio, a card shop, a now defunct high street shop, whose sole commodity was pic ‘n’ mix, an estate agents, between five and ten, world leading creative advertising agencies on the Account Management/Strategy side of things and finally – and currently – as part of the front of house team at a theatre in Soho…the Soho Theatre in fact.

2014 marks the start of my uphill slog into the world as a freelance, professional “creative” – which means I have no money, a paralysing fear for my future career prospects and newly acquired – devastatingly good – priority juggling skills.

Here are the things I’ve been up to…

Standup Comedy

I began doing standup this year (2014).

I became a member of the Soho Theatre – Soho Young Company Standup Comedy Lab. My first appearance on stage was at the 2nd term showcase in April, at the Soho Theatre Downstairs.

I’ve now begun trying out new material at the open mic spots throughout London, while continuing with the SYC.


If you want to watch me perform, check out the News/Events page or take a look at some clips on the Videos page.


After winning an Ideastap brief for short film-making, I was selected to direct the short, Dog Eat Dog – a dystopian drama about a boy and his dog, set in the future during a food crisis. (Currently in post production)

If you’re looking for a director for your project, just get in touch via the contact page.


I like natural portraiture most of all and I’m always looking to try something a little different.

I also run a monthly informal photography group in London for newbies.

You can have a look at a few of my photos here, or a few more here.

If you’re looking for headshots, family photos, production stills or simply to capture an event, just send me a message on the contact page for further details.


I’ve written for a number of online publications around the topics of comedy, film, TV, books and just general silliness – links to all published articles can be found here.


I recently won an Ideastap brief to have a rehearsed reading of my play, Resolution at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch, as part of the Ideastap Takeover Festival – Love.

Currently a work in progress, looking to take into full production for fringe festivals and the like.

More details and a recording of the reading can be seen here.

My first radio play was recorded for Roundhouse radio and can be heard here.

If you’re a theatre producer and looking for your next project, get in touch via the contact page.


I’ve written comedy sketches for the web, a number of spec scripts and currently developing a number of projects – updates to come on the News/Events page.

For writing enquires of any kind – copywriting, web, sketch, radio, TV or film please get in touch via the contact page.


Currently one of the organisers for the new monthly comedy night, FutureSellouts at the Hercules Pillars, Soho.

For more information, checkout our Facebook page.


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